October 2016 Selector

12176093_1498000583829791_911226551_o In the 80’s, the « Might M » team wrote, composed and produced great songs. In the first part of the 80’s, they were popular and admired artists in New York. But so many other artists and producers during the first part of the 80’s…

Here is a selection of the greatest and most influential songs of the period. Some were really influenced by the work of Kashif and Paul Laurence, some were totally different, all were original and have left and incredible print in the heart and mind of their audience. Many were underground at the time but so influential on the next generation such as James Mtum for example. When you listen a song during 30 years without being tired of it, you know what ? It means this is a great song. I’ve been listening to these songs for more than 30 years…Enjoy !

allnightlong 1 BB & Q Band « Imagination ». When a french named Jacques Fred Petrus arrived in New York, he instigated two bands : Change and BB & Q Band. Not bad ! Buy

single life2 Cameo « Attack Me With Your Love ». Larry Blackmon and his band in 1985, a year before the huge success of « Word Up ». A great band with always new ideas to bring their music further. Such as the « Mighty M » team, they enjoyed mix between acoustic and electronic music. Buy

preppie 3 Cheryl Lynn « Encore ». Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis at their beginning as producers. A great beat and a greater bass line. Buy

dtrain 4 D-Train « You’re the one for me ». One of the most successful and most influential artist of the 80’s in New-York. Buy

high fashion 5 High Fashion « Hold On ». Jacques Fred Petrus and Kashif at the control with Alyson Williams and Meli’sa Morgan at the microphone… Buy

kleeer 6 Kleeer « Intimate Connection ». A great funk band with their most popular song produced by Deodato. The bass line sampled in « California Love » of 2pac. « I’ll be the key, you’ll be the door », oh yes !! Buy

all of you 7 Lillo Thomas « Settle Down ». Paul Laurence at the control. The « Hush » sound. Buy

loose ends2 8 Loose Ends « Hangin’ On A String ». U.K.soul with producer Nick Martinelli at the control. A hit in 1985. The sound of the « T.R. 808 ». Buy

 9 Millie Jackson « Hot Wild Unrestricted Love ». Timmy Allen at the control.

mtum 10 MTUM « Prime Time ». A great innovator in music. An incredible producer who will be a main influence for the next generation and for people such as Teddy Riley or Pharrell Williams. Buy

paul 1 11 Paul Laurence « She’s Not A Sleaze ». His first solo album with Freddie Jackson, Lillo Thomas and Melba Moore in the background vocals. The « hush » producer write songs for himself for the first time.

unknown 12 Rene & Angela « I’ll Be Good ». Rene Moore and Angela Winbush with their hit of 1985. Here is a perfect example of the influence of Kashif with the bass-keyboard ». Buy

ZappIV 13 Zapp « It Doesn’t Really Matter ». Good god ! from Ohio. « Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Charlie Wilson and the gap band, Roger Troutman and the zapp band, Cameo and grandmaster… » Buy

ontherise1983 14 SOS Band « If You Want My Love ». First album of this band from Atlanta with Jimmy & Terry. First hit : « Just Be Good To Me ». Buy

rufus 15 Rufus & Chaka Khan « Ain’t Nobody ». Her biggest hit used in the original soundtrack of « Breakin' » in 1984. Buy

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